Marimex is the first in the Port of Santos to operate 24-hours a day.

Characterized as one of the principal differentials of IPA, the continuous operations, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, free of additional costs, it offers to the terminal users more flexibility during the cargo transportation, In containers or free cargo.

That excluded operation of Marimex, makes takes its trucks loaded day and night, arrive to their destinations at the normal time, avoiding the serious problems caused by the traffic laws, protecting its dangerous cargos and schedules of high traffic on the biggest avenues of São Paulo Capital.

Logistic innovation to integrate solutions.

Marimex is known in the market by its strong presence in the development of logistics solutions that are innovative and compliant with our customer's businesses, providing a higher level of service, which is a direct result of the integrated and balanced management of the supply chain. Marimex knows how to transform its customer's logistics into a competitive differential.